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Where im currently at emotionally and more

I’m stuck in limbo, although that should mean that there is no change, emotionally I am a complete mess most of the time, but limbo because im getting no better in any area… Continue reading

Anti social?

I’m not sure if anti social is how you’d categorise me, it’s not that I don’t want to be able to socialise! Not at all… I’ve always had a huge issue with talking… Continue reading

Depression and interacting

I have a question, or observation, I’m not sure where you would categorise it. But having posted this morning about something that has added to my current emotional feelings… Whilst writing it, I… Continue reading

My CBT experience

First, a little about CBT CBT aka Cognitive behavioral therapy, is used for treatment of a many different conditions, including anger management anxiety and panic attacks chronic fatigue syndrome chronic pain depression drug… Continue reading

Anti Depressants and me …..

Don’t do it you all say, they’re addictive! well that used to be the response if the word prozac was ever mentioned, but it’s not like that, I wouldn’t say that you get… Continue reading