There’s a theme here! ….. A window to my soul

Not a poem, but thoughts and feelings, pure and simply the truth!


All changed …

We always support the ones we love
But sometimes we find it hard
When were already battling demons ourselves
That support might not be obvious
But we always do our best
For as long as possible
If the person we love is trying aswell
We do all that we can to help
Then one day that person just stops
They no longer listen to you
You spend most of your time ignoring the hurt
Till it takes over nightmares too
So we work up the courage to stand up for ourselves
To say no, this really won’t do
But instead of them listening they just get cross
So retreat that is all you can do
Eventually, after so many questions
On why your so low, you come clean
You tell them your hurts and ask them to stop
They say yes , but then worse it gets
So now your so low and your thoughts are morbid
But who can you tell them to
‘Cause the one that you want, to care for you now
Has gone turned their back on you