Depression and interacting

I have a question, or observation, I’m not sure where you would categorise it.

But having posted this morning about something that has added to my current emotional feelings… Whilst writing it, I felt the intense need to defend myself, to all the people who have a tendency to think that to be depressed, that something really terrible must have happened and if that’s not the case, then you should just suck it up.

I have been told, when feeling particularly depressed one day, that there are worse things that could happen and have also had previously, there are people worse off than you. Now, I don’t know if it’s because depression is such a taboo subject, so people lack the knowledge of how to deal with a sufferer, or if it’s because the human population buries its head in the sand when faced with anything that takes some care and consideration for its fellow neighbour, but when I find myself scared to say that I am depressed and why, in case I get hate comments or I get told that I should stop complaining (not been said yet, but it worries me it will) then I feel that there is something terribly wrong with the world we live in!

So for anyone who needs to know what NOT to say to someone who is suffering depression (whether you understand the cause or not) I have searched the Internet to give you a list! I would tell you what I personally feel shouldn’t be said, but I it wouldn’t be the same as for everyone, so will not be as complete a list as accumulating from various places will, plus my brain doesn’t work well when I’m down, which I most definitely am.

On the next page … what not to say