Another Depressed human

Wow, how do you introduce yourself simply? Because that’s what this page is all about isn’t it? a quick, hello, please stay and read what I’ve written. I’m not really any good at this, talking about myself etc, I can write lots usually, talking is impossible, but im kind of at a loss on what to say here! so I’ll keep it really short and sweet and if you’d like to read my posts, then please do so………….To start, I’ll be talking about the fact that I suffer depression and have done since being a teenager. I’ll not go deeply into the reasons, but having just writing a whole blog about having chronic migraines, I kind of feel the need to keep writing and just get it all out. But whereas that blog is just for migraines, I’m hoping that this blog, if the tunnel ever ends, or the silver lining ever shows, will be a more interesting blog. I’ve always been interested in writing and at school even started writing a book, but never finished it, be it lack of staying power or what, I don’t know. but still ………………..

Hi, im currently 39 years old and have been in and out of depression since around the age of 13 for various reasons, I have zero confidence right now and my self-esteem is near on non existent. my life revolves around my children who are all late teens now, I try my best to make other people happy and im writing this like im the only person ever to read it……………………… and maybe I will be

well guess it wasnt that hard in the end eh

an update to this page, in the sense of, I am going to keep this blog, purely for the reason for starting it and not add, even if I start to feel a bit better …. why? because I don’t want to in part, post what people are not interesting in and so far, it seems my followers have joined because of the illness and partly, because to be honest, it wouldn’t feel right. if I’m going to blog anything random that doesn’t involve how I feel, then it should have its own place……. as the saying goes…. a place for everything and everything in its place (or I think that’s the saying anyway :-/)